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The advantages of Vitamin C have been widely recognized for centuries. Sailors on long voyages carried citrus fruits to prevent scurvy, and today, Vitamin C is utilized to alleviate cold symptoms, enhance immune function, promote collagen production, reduce hypertension, and provide protection against heart disease.


According to researchers from the National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases, there is a limit to how much vitamin C your body can absorb at once through oral supplementation. However, the full dose of vitamin C can be absorbed when administered via injection. For very large dosages, injections are more effective in ensuring maximum absorption.

Instant absorption of Vitamin C with injectable

Oral vitamin supplements undergo digestion before being absorbed into the bloodstream, while Vitamin C injections deliver the dosage directly into your bloodstream. The body absorbs the full amount of vitamin C injected, unlike supplements, which only deliver a portion of the original dose after digestion.

Most oral Vitamin C supplements are available in 500 mg concentrations. In contrast, Vitamin C injections range from 500 mg at the low end to 1 g or even 25 g if required. This implies that you would need to consume five oral supplements to achieve the same maximum concentration as one Vitamin C injection.

Vitamin C injections can aid in Weight Loss

One lesser-known health benefit of Vitamin C is its ability to aid in burning body fat during moderate exercise. For those seeking to improve both their physical well-being and appearance, vitamin injections containing Vitamin C and other essential nutrients can provide the desired boost.

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