Do you still sell on Groupon or LivingSocial? 

The link to our Groupon store is below, but the deals are not always available.

How long does shipping take?

We always push to ship same day using Priority and tracking info will be sent to you immediately after by email and SMS text if you select that option.  Delivery normally takes 2 TO 3 days if there are no delays in your area.

Do you ship international? 

Yes almost daily. We only have one option at checkout which is DHL. Post is no longer an option as it is not reliable and takes far too long. DHL Express normally delivers on average 1 to 3 days to most countries

Tracking info will be available to you, and your order is guaranteed to be delivered by us.

What is recommended dosage for B12?

 Each Ampule is 2ml aka 2cc. Start with half cc in the morning and see how you feel. Most likely within the hour you will feel amazing and it should last up to 2 days. No exaggerating the B12 and B Complex formula work wonderful on their own or rotated. Many eventually will take 1 full cc and feel great for several days. Each ampule is a total of 2 CC. 

 What is the recommended dosage for the Lipotropic B-Complex?

One full cc every other day is an excellent start for weight loss and energy 

Can I take the B12 and the Lipotropic B-Complex formula?

These work fantastic in rotation. A good start for energy and weight loss would be the following. Take 1 full cc of B-Complex on Monday, Wed, and Friday. Take half cc of B12 Tuesday, Thurs and Saturday. Take Sunday off

What is the recommended dosage for vitamin C?

1ml twice a week works great for immune support and well-being.

 Can I drink this? 

NO, Results are much better and only effective by injection.

 How do you take these products? 

This product works best taken by injection using an insulin syringe subcutaneously or intramuscular.  Many YouTube videos available on how to administer properly.

The Ampoules are 2cc and the syringe is 1cc so what do I do?   

Use 2 syringes and pull out all the formula.  Put 1 full syringe away in a room temperature dark place or refrigerator for future use.

Where can I inject this?  

Most people pinch the belly or thigh and inject.  

 What should I expect? 

 A nice steady flow of energy and better mood. No shaking or jitters. Just an overall good natural energy and a better well-being. Many say it helped them with depression, brain fog, concentration and slow metabolism just to name a few. If you are taking half cc a day or more you should also find you are not that hungry. By day 1-2 you will know you are being helped by the overall feeling. 

Is there anything I can do to make your products more effective? 

It is always a good idea and common sense to eat green foods, drink plenty of water with lemon and exercise according to your wellness goals. As always check with your primary care physician before starting any new health dietary regimen. 

 How do I open the Ampoules? 

Use a towel holding the lower portion of the vial with one hand and the upper with the other hand. Make sure both hands are kept safe with towel in between. Now using pressure start bending the top forward till it pops off. Eventually you will get the hang of it. I also suggest checking YouTube for many great videos on how to easily open the vials. Any more questions or concerns please PM us at, and we will respond ASAP.  We want you to feel better and get the most out of life. 














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